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TRON (TRX): Buy, charts and price trend

Buy Tron, get TRXTRON, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. By improving the TPS in TRON a high throughput is achieved. This cryptocurrency has also surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum to a daily use practical degree. This network has it’s own wallet which supports TRX but also other tokens on the mainnet. You can choose to download different platforms like Web, IOS and Android. In this blog you can read more about how to buy TRON (TRX) and about the price charts and price history.

Start trading Tron (TRX)

How to buy TRON

There are different ways to buy TRON. First you’ll have to choose a reliable exchange. Sometimes it can be hard to choose the right one. Luckily there are multiple reliable exchanges. One of our favorite exchanges is Bitvavo. Bitvavo is based in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Bitvavo is very safe to use and it has an easy interface that’s also suitable for beginners. Just read the steps below to buy TRON on Bitvavo.

    1. Go to the official Bitvavo exchange 
    2. Sign up for free
    3. Transfer euro’s to your account. Bitvavo does not charge transfer fees for Euro deposits.
    4. Press “Buy TRON” in your account and follow the steps
    5. Verify your identity if you want to buy TRX without limits.

Get TRON in a few minutes

TRON price charts and price history

Don’t spend the money you can’t afford to lose. One of the most important lessons you can learn in the cryptoworld. How attractive it can be at different moments to spend a lot of money, just don’t do it! Cryptocurrencies can be very volatile. The one moment you are a billionaire and the other you have no money at all. Do not spend all your money and be patient! Don’t panic when the prices are falling. Have trust and wait until the value of the cryptocurrency is rising.

TRX price chart

Start trading Tron (TRX)