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ICON (ICX): Buy, charts and price trend

Icon logoWhen you want to know more about ICON, you can read the whitepaper with a lot of information in the English or Korean language. The goal of ICON is to hyperconnect the world through building one of the biggest decentralized networks in the world. There are various institutes in the “real-world” who take a part in the network that makes the connection between the digital world and the “real-world”. Below you can read more about how you can buy ICON and more about the price history and ICX price charts.

Start trading ICON (ICX)

How to buy ICON?

We know it can be difficult to find a reliable exchange with an easy interface. Luckily we have had many good experiences with the exchange called Bitvavo. Bitvavo is directed in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Due to the strict financial laws in the Netherlands, you know your money and cryptocurrencies are in good hands. The Bitvavo exchange is also listed on Coinmarketcap. Use an online free Bitvavo wallet to save your ICON or store it in a digital wallet you choose. Follow the step-by-step plan below to buy ICON (ICX).

  1. Go to the official Bitvavo exchange
  2. Sign up for free
  3. Transfer euro’s to your account. Bitvavo does not charge transfer fees for euro deposits.
  4. Press “Buy ICON” in your account and follow the steps
  5. Verify your identity if you want to buy ICX without any limits.

Fast buy

Icon price charts and price history

Strange to say this but one of the most important things to know when you start trading cryptocurrencies is to only trade with money you can afford to lose. You’ll find everything about the ICON (ICX) price chart on this websites. While looking at the price history you’ll see there’s a high degree of volatility in the crypto-world. This means one week you’ll see enormous price gains but the other week the reverse can happen. Don’t panic when the prices drop down! They will grow eventually.

ICX price chart

Start trading ICON (ICX)