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Cardano: Buy, charts and price trend (ADA)

Cardano logoIn short, we can say that Cardano is an open source Proof-of-Stake platform for smart contracts, with ADA as the currency. But it would be incomplete to leave it at that. Although it is entirely an open source project, there are some organizations that are the main drivers driving the project: The Cardano Foundation, IOHK, and Emurgo. One of the main differences that distinguishes Cardano from other blockchain projects is the fact that it is built on the basis of scientific research. It also has great potential to scale as the network grows. Finally, and just as importantly, the Cardano developers state that it was set up with possible future laws and regulations in mind. It also has the theoretical potential to integrate with the traditional financial system. Cardano’s most important characteristics are scientific nature, scalability and the ability to comply with legislation.

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Cardano price charts and price history

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency or a type of digital asset.. There are 31.1 billion coins in circulation and there is a maximum stock of 45 billion coins. The most active stock market that Cardano trades is Binance. View the address and transactions of Cardano on block explorers, such as cardano explorer .com and You can find more information about the Cardano coin at

ADA price in charts

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