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Bitcoin Cash: Buy, charts and price trend (BCH)

Buy Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that makes it possible to send electronic money from person to person. It is completely decentralized. That means: no bank, government or third party is involved. It is also a “fork” from Bitcoin, on which the Bitcoin community is very divided. On trade websites you can find this altcoin under the name BCH. It differs from Bitcoin on some points, but that doesn’t seem much to the beginner. The biggest difference: the price.

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Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and free online wallet

You can buy this crypto at almost all larger exchanges. If you want to invest in this, you can choose to first buy Bitcoin and convert it to BCH via an exchange. You can also buy Bitcoin Cash directly through, for example Bitvavo.

Promotion: With the Bitvavo provider you now temporarily do not pay any trade costs over the first 1000 euros. This makes Bitvavo really the cheapest exchange in Europe.

  1. Go to the Bitvavo exchang, use this link to use the promotion
  2. Make a new account and verify it for the first few steps (only takes a few seconds)
  3. Transfer euro in your account. Bitvavo does not charge transfer fees for Euro deposits! With some other exchanges you’ll pay a fee just for deposits.. stay away from these brokers.
  4. Press “Buy Bitcoin Cash” on the buy tab (general or exchange).
  5. Want to buy BCH, Bitcoin ABC or other crypto without limits? Verify your account as fast as possible. It’s fast and easy to do. Bitvavo works very fast with verifications!

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price charts and price history

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency. Users can generate BCH through the mining process. Bitcoin Cash has a current stock of 18,072,375 BCH. It currently trades in 342 active market (s) Like all the mayor cryptocurrencies, the price has fallen a bit. People predict a green trend for 2020 for BCH.

BCH price in charts

Start trading Bitcoin Cash (BCH)